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1. Fairness: We treat all our Customers fairly throughout the home buying and After Sales process.

2. Safety: We carry out and complete works in accordance with all requisite Building Regulations and Requirements, as may be set out by a Building Safety Regulator or local authority, as applicable.

3. Quality: We complete all works to a good quality in accordance with all applicable building and other standards and regulations as well as to the specification for the New Home and ensure that Legal Completion only takes place when a New Home is complete.

4. Service: We have in place systems, processes and training of staff to meet the Customer service Requirements and don’t use high-pressure selling techniques to influence a Customer’s decision to buy a New Home.

5. Responsiveness: We will be clear, responsive and timely in responding to Customer issues by having in place a robust After Sales Service and effective Complaints process.

6. Transparency: We provide clear and accurate information about the purchase of your New Home, including tenure and potential future committed costs such as those relating to Management Services.

7. Independence: We make sure that Customers are aware that they should appoint independent legal advisers when buying a New Home and that they have the right, to an independent Pre-Completion Inspection before Legal Completion takes place.

8. Inclusivity: We take steps to identify and provide appropriate support to Vulnerable Customers.

9. Security: We ensure that there are reasonable financial arrangements in place, through insurance or otherwise, to meet all obligations including timely repayment of financial deposits when due and any financial awards made by a New Homes Ombudsman Service.

10. Compliance: We are subject to, co-operate and comply with the Requirements of the New Homes Quality Board and a New Homes Ombudsman Service.

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