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This policy sets out Mill Bay Homes approach to receiving and handling complaints, ensuring that they are dealt with in a consistent, fair, and transparent way.

To register a formal complaint, contact Mill Bay Homes via email: requesting that your concern be dealt with under the formal complaint policy. We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days.

We will aim to investigate your concerns and send a response proposing a pathway to resolution within 10 calendar days of the complaint initiation date*. This should explain how we plan to resolve the issue, along with the steps and anticipated timescales.

We will send a full complaint assessment response by no later than 30 calendar days. If we consider our response complete, we will close the complaint and will confirm what steps were taken. In the event that the resolution is still ongoing, the response will detail what has caused the delay, and the anticipated date for resolution.

Once the complaint has been closed, we will send a closure response which confirms what action has been taken.

In the very unlikely event that the complaint remains unresolved after 56 calendar days of the complaint initiation date*, we will send a further response to provide information on what has caused the delay, what the next steps are, and the anticipated date for resolution. We will also keep you updated no less than every 30 days until the matter is resolved.

We hope we can resolve most matters without the need for further escalation. However, if your complaint is not resolved in accordance with this procedure, or you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, then you may be able to refer your complaint to any dispute resolution service offered by your warranty provider, or the New Homes Ombudsman Service.

It is within the New Homes Ombudsman Service’ discretion to decide when or if to accept a complaint, in accordance with the scheme rules. The New Homes Ombudsman Service can accept complaints that have arisen within two years of legal completion. After this, disputes within the structural warranty period may be referred to the New Home Warranty Provider if relevant.

*The complaints initiation date (CID) is the first working day after a complaint is received. Thus, if a complaint is received on a Monday, the CID is the following Tuesday. If a complaint is received on a Saturday, the CID will the following Monday (excluding public holidays).

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